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Uncovering Hidden Threats: The Crucial Role of UXO Surveys in Offshore Wind Farm Development

Uncovering Hidden Threats: The Crucial Role of UXO Surveys in Offshore Wind Farm Development

Uncovering Hidden Threats: The Crucial Role of UXO Surveys in Offshore Wind Farm Development


In the vast expanse of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, beneath the surface lies a silent but potentially deadly threat that has lingered for decades – unexploded ordnance (UXOs). A consequence of World War II, these remnants of conflict, including bombs, mines, and other munitions, were deployed during wartime but failed to detonate. In the present day, as offshore wind farms become a prominent feature of our renewable energy landscape, the search for and investigation of UXOs are emerging as critical components in ensuring the safety and success of offshore wind farm development.

The Kamara: A Specialized Vessel for UXO Surveys:

One vessel that plays a pivotal role in UXO surveys is the Kamara, operated by Boskalis. This dedicated vessel is equipped to trace, investigate, and if necessary, dismantle potential UXOs. Its importance cannot be overstated, as it enables the offshore wind industry to navigate and neutralize hidden dangers beneath the seabed.

Recent UXO Survey in the Baltic Sea:

A recent offshore wind farm development project in the Baltic Sea exemplifies the significance of UXO surveys. The Kamara, working in tandem with another vessel, utilized advanced technologies such as Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and divers to meticulously examine 773 targets along the future cable route. While the majority were found to be harmless, 25 UXOs were safely recovered and subsequently handed over to German authorities for onshore destruction.

Dismantling a Deadly Threat:

Among the recovered UXOs was an anti-submarine missile, underscoring the gravity of the threat posed by these wartime remnants. Due to its unsafe condition, the missile had to be detonated at sea as a last resort. Importantly, the demolition process adhered to stringent environmental requirements set forth in German waters. Safeguards such as a double bubble curtain, extensive noise reduction measures, and thorough monitoring were employed to minimize disruption to marine life during the detonation.

The Environmental and Safety Imperative:

The UXO surveys conducted by vessels like the Kamara are not merely procedural; they are vital to the environmental and safety imperatives of offshore wind farm development. The potential risks associated with UXOs extend beyond the immediate construction phase, as these remnants pose threats to the ongoing maintenance and operation of wind farms.


As the world continues its shift towards renewable energy, offshore wind farms are poised to play a crucial role in meeting growing power demands. However, beneath the surface lies a hidden challenge that demands careful attention – unexploded ordnance. The dedicated efforts of vessels like the Kamara, equipped with advanced technologies and a commitment to environmental stewardship, are essential in ensuring that offshore wind farm development proceeds safely and responsibly. UXO surveys may be an unseen aspect, but their importance is undeniable in mitigating risks and securing a sustainable energy future.

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