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US, UAE companies to develop green ports in India

US, UAE companies to develop green ports in India

Two companies, one based in the US and the other in the UAE, have joined forces to develop eco-friendly and self-sustainable ports in India. C4V, an advanced energy storage technologies solutions provider, has signed an initial agreement with Trot Solutions, a company specializing in comprehensive infrastructure solutions for ports, shipping, and logistics.

The collaboration aims to not only create green facilities at existing ports but also to establish a strong supply chain through C4V Giga factories and implement sustainable energy storage solutions across various ports in India. The primary goal is to promote innovation and research in the green energy sector.

One of the key initiatives will be supporting power generation from renewable sources combined with batteries for all port equipment, including electrification of smaller vessels. This move is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of ports and contribute to India’s vision of becoming a Green India by 2030.

C4V is actively engaged in several large projects related to battery energy storage solutions (BESS) and e-mobility. They are planning to set up a cell manufacturing Giga factory in India, utilizing their in-house technology.

Kuldeep Gupta, President for Strategic Partnership at C4V, expressed excitement about helping develop environmentally friendly and self-sustaining ports in India. He believes their advanced battery solutions will play a vital role in achieving India’s green vision.

India, with its vast coastline of 7,500 kilometers, has a significant need for port development. Green energy and energy storage solutions can play a crucial role in meeting the increasing power demands.

Rizwan Ali, Managing Director at Trot Solutions, highlighted that this partnership will not only ease the burden on the power grid but also bring electricity to rural areas and create job opportunities in India.

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