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Vadhavan Port : Protesters Bring Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway to Standstill

Vadhavan Port : Protesters Bring Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway to Standstill

Vadhavan Port : Protesters Bring Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway to Standstill

Hundreds of people gathered along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway in Palghar to voice their opposition to the construction of the Vadhavan port, bringing traffic to a standstill with a ‘rasta roko’ protest. Villagers and fishermen from the area took part, waving black flags and chanting slogans against the proposed port, which has been a subject of controversy.

The protest, centered at the Charoti toll plaza, saw heavy police presence between noon and 2:30 PM. Despite this, the demonstrators remained steadfast in their opposition. They fear that the construction of the multi-crore greenfield port will adversely affect their lives and livelihoods. The villagers demand a dialogue with both the state and central governments to address their concerns.

Located in the Dahanu taluka of Palghar district, Vadhavan is the proposed site for the port, which is a joint project of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) and the Maharashtra Maritime Board. While the project received in-principle approval from the central government in February 2020, local opposition has been persistent.

Narayan Patil, president of the Anti-Vadhavan Port Action Committee, reiterated the community’s opposition to the port project. He expressed frustration with the authorities’ disregard for local concerns and accused them of pushing the project forward despite widespread opposition.

The JNPT has obtained environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEF&CC), and views the proposed port as a significant development for Maharashtra. A senior JNPT official, speaking anonymously, stated that construction is set to begin soon pending clearance from the union cabinet.

Despite the protests, the official expressed confidence that the port construction would proceed unhindered. They emphasized the importance of the project for the socio-economic development of the region and the state as a whole. However, the local community remains steadfast in their opposition and vows to intensify their agitation if their concerns are not addressed.


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