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Wan Hai ship collied in Vietnam

Wan Hai ship collied in Vietnam

As of the information available from the Dan Tri website and other sources, a Wan Hai container ship named Wan Hai A02, owned by Taiwanese company Wan Hai Lines, was involved in a collision with the Greek bulker Vassos 2 at the port of Cai Mep in Vietnam. The incident occurred at around 05:40 local time on a Thursday.

During the collision, the stern of the Wan Hai A02 drifted out of the navigational channel and made contact with the stern side of the Vassos 2, which was moored at the Interflour wharf and was in the process of offloading cargo. Fortunately, the contact resulted in only minor damage to the Vassos 2. However, the impact pushed the bulker into the wharf, causing significant damage to a 46-meter section of the facility. Part of the wharf’s conveyor system and suction equipment also collapsed.

The Vung Tau Port Authority took immediate action and assumed control of the situation. They held a meeting with the port operator and the shipowner (Wan Hai Lines) to assess the incident and coordinate the response. The Wan Hai A02 was directed and supervised to move to a safe anchorage area outside the navigational buoy of the Vung Tau-Thi Vai channel. Buoys were installed in the water to warn of potential obstacles.

Thankfully, no reports of oil spill or pollution were made. The authorities took precautions to handle any potential oil spill but found no signs of leakage or flooding from the Wan Hai A02. The ship was carrying cargo, and the company assured that the cargoes were safe and no fuel leakage was detected.

Both the Wan Hai A02 and the Vassos 2 remained moored at the port while the investigation and response were ongoing. The Vassos 2 is managed by the company Safety Management Overseas, which is part of the Hajioannou group.

It’s worth noting that the information provided in this response is based on the sources available up until my last update in September 2021. For the latest updates and further developments on this incident, I recommend checking more recent news sources.

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