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Why green ship recycling?

Why green ship recycling?

Ship recycling has indeed been practiced for decades, and there have been significant improvements in the methods and regulations surrounding this industry. The Hong Kong Convention (HKC), adopted in 2009, plays a crucial role in promoting systematic and safe ship recycling practices worldwide.

The HKC provides comprehensive guidelines for green ship recycling, encompassing the entire lifecycle of a ship from construction to recycling. By adhering to these guidelines, ship owners can ensure that their vessels are recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Green ship recycling minimizes the environmental impact of the recycling process and prioritizes the safety of workers involved.

One of the key aspects of green ship recycling is the proper identification, removal, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials found in ships. These materials must be handled carefully and disposed of through government-authorized agencies to prevent any negative effects on the environment or human health.

In relation to ship recycling, Alang in India is known for its extensive ship-breaking industry. It has more than 100 HKC-approved ship recycling yards, which indicates that there is ample capacity to meet the current and future ship recycling requirements of ship owners worldwide.

By encouraging ship owners to choose HKC-certified yards for recycling their ships, we can ensure that environmentally friendly practices are followed, minimizing the impact on the environment and ensuring the safety of workers involved in the process.

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