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Electric container ship kissed the water

Electric container ship kissed the water

A groundbreaking new ship has been developed, and it’s powered by portable container-sized batteries. This vessel is designed for specific river and coastal routes, weighing 10,000 deadweight tons and measuring 119.8 meters in length, 23.6 meters in molded beam, and 5.5 meters in draft.

The ship boasts two powerful 900kW main propulsion motors, making it one of the most significant electric container ships globally. Compared to conventional fuel-powered ships of similar size, this 700TEU electric container ship can reduce carbon emissions by approximately 32 tons per day.

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Safety and efficiency are prioritized on this vessel, with the inclusion of an intelligent ship platform system and a situational awareness system to enhance its operational intelligence and safety.

The construction of this ship began in May of this year, representing a significant advancement in integrating pure battery-powered vessels within the inland river sector.

COSCO Shipping Development is committed to leading the way in revolutionizing domestic inland and coastal waters by adopting electric ships widely. Their aim is to provide green and zero-carbon shipping solutions, contributing to environmental protection and sustainable transportation.

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To promote and drive innovation in the field of electric ships, COSCO Shipping Development and COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited have taken the lead in establishing the China Electric Ship Innovation Alliance. This alliance brings together over 80 founding members from various industries crucial to the advancement of electric ship technology, including experts and companies specializing in electric-powered propulsion, vessel design and construction, port and terminal operation, science institutions, electric-power battery suppliers, and industry investment and financing.

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